I discovered both Rutu and Ticary soon after transplanting myself in Bellevue at Voicebox. We had a challenge in the autumn of 2016 that required application of resources that we simply did not have. Choosing a new contractor is never easy. They seldom state their capabilities truthfully, perform as advertised and required, and deliver on time and in budget, especially not on a first project.

With Ticary and under Dr. Mulkar-Mehta's management all of this was accomplished and more. Not only were our business objectives met, but

Ticary went above and beyond:

collaborating with us on a detailed statement of work that we were able to present to the client, reporting regularly, engaging daily with my team, and transitioning the work to my team once complete. The work itself was comprised of a series of standard statistical NLP challenges and a decision tree in which to manage them. Her team was more than adequate to the task.

Ticary's POC led to a successful 2-year project with a major retailer.

I was very grateful for the effort from Ticary and Rutu in particular.

Dr. David McGee, Vice President of Engineering Voicebox Technologies (now Nuance Communications)

Rutu is relentless in the pursuit of excellence,

is breathtakingly innovative and creative

, and is a major contributor to our team in terms of building a truly terrific product. Her

expertise in NLP and machine learning is exemplary

. Most importantly, she goes the extra distance without being asked, and embodies a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Moses Ma, Managing Partner NextGEN ventures and consulting

Rutu has a rare blend of deep scientific understanding of computational language processing with the strength of applying it to challenging language understanding problems in big data today, especially unstructured data. She has

particular strength in designing and leading the development of pragmatic solutions to very challenging text understanding problems


Dr. Naveen Ashish, Principal Data Scientist Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center

The expertise Rutu brings in NLP and machine learning has helped us tremendously.

Not only is she deeply knowledgable in the state of the art but she is able to explain and communicate concepts effectively

to folks like us who are not experts in the data science. Working with Rutu has been a pleasure and we're always eager to engage her services any chance we get.

Justin Deoliveira, CTO Voyager Search

We engaged Rutu on a multi-phase consulting project to improve the accuracy of machine learning classifiers of textual data, and the experience was great. She was knowledgable, professional, organized, and set and met expectations in terms of budget and timeline.

In particular, her

practical experience with real-life NLP problems

gave her

strong intuition in terms of which experiments would likely work

, and she used the experimental results to guide her work along the most promising paths.We look forward to working with Rutu again in the future.

Kevin Yang, CEO Idiomatic

Rutu is an absolute gem in a field that is ironically becoming somewhat crowded with undifferentiated rocks. (There's a joke in here about big data, if only I could find it... :D)

Rutu is an applied scientist and so thinks, prototypes and

expresses herself in code just as eloquently as she does in person

. She wants to solve hard problems and deliver solutions. Rutu is refreshingly opinionated about things in her domain and doesn't hesitate to express herself. She's also an excellent communicator.

I look forward to working with Rutu again in the future.

Peter Biddle, CTO Brook.ai

We have been working with Rutu as our

expert data scientist consultant in Natural Language Processing

. We are very pleased with Rutu’s support, and plan to continue our relationship.

Tom Velez, CEO Computer Technology Associates


has a wealth of knowledge

and has been wonderful to work with! When my company started a tool-development project, we hired Rutu as a consultant. In this role, Rutu carefully listened to our needs, our wants, and our goals, making sure she understood our requirements first and foremost. That meant she was able to quickly give us recommendations that specifically addressed our objectives and focused our efforts.

Rutu saved us from spending a lot of time and money on research or concepts that we now know would not have worked.

We're grateful for the information and guidance Rutu has shared with us, and appreciate her easy-going and friendly demeanor.

Tami Borowick Indigo Slate