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Adaptive Voting

Software to adaptively learn and boost weight good upvoters of answers on online QA forums.

Conversation Routing

Route incoming chat conversations to the appropriate service agent based on chat content.

Disease Management

Cluster Patients with similar features to create chronic disease management profiles.

Answering FAQ

Conversation agent to automate answering frequently asked questions using a chatbot.

Sepsis Identification

Models developed for early identification and prevention of Sepsis from medical records.

ICD-10 recommender

Recommendation system to tag medical records (EMRs) with their appropriate ICD-10 billing codes.

Named Entity Recognizer

Trained models to identify entirely new concepts as named entities in varying domains (verticals).

Keyword Extraction

Module to extract and rank relevant and highly important keywords from any given text.

Word Relevance

Developed a solution to provide similar keywords to a provided word, concept or document.

Activity Recommender

Software model to suggest which activity to take up next (e.g. travel), based on previous preferences.

Product Performance

Evaluation of product performance based on sentiments expressed by customers in their reviews.

Health Conversations

Conversation engine to communicate and trigger actions for chronic disease management.

Coreference Resolution

Machine Learning models to link together concepts that are the same but are referenced differently.

Corpus Development

Training corpus development from raw and unstructured data for supervised machine learning.

ICD-9 recommender

Recommendation system to tag medical records with their appropriate ICD-9 billing codes.