Don't settle for one-size-fits-all type solutions. We can build customized solutions that solve your unique business problems.

Custom Business Solutions

Chatbots, AI, Deep Learning: Different solutions for different verticals. Find the perfect solution for you!

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Opensource Contributions

We constantly work on new open source projects to add a fresh twist to existing work and solutions

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Teaching and Education

Continuous education through Northeastern University and Seattle NLP meetup group

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Rutu is relentless in the pursuit of excellence, is breathtakingly innovative and creative, and is a major contributor to our team in terms of building a truly terrific product. Her expertise in NLP and machine learning is exemplary. Most importantly, she goes the extra distance without being asked, and embodies a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Moses Ma, Managing Partner NextGEN ventures and consulting


Keyword Extraction Demo

Have you ever needed to extract keywords from documents? How do you know which keywords are relevant and which are not? How do you extract relevant topics from the document and figure out other related words that might not be mentioned in the document? Please find more information ad our demo by following the link below.

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Interactive Chatbot Demo

Meet Cary, a chatbot that is an expert in Ticary Solutions and will interactively chat with you about our company and our offerings.

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